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IT Staff visibility to Attachments

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Current handling of attachments on Remedyforce is lacking features regarding attachment visibiltiy.

1) All attachments are visible to self service portal user - therefore if Servicedesk would like to use emails to discuss with next level support, attachments in emails automatically become visible to end user - this we do not always want

2) If using Chatter to discuss matter with IT colleagues, these Files cannot be made visible to self service portal user, nor can they be used on emails sent from Remedyforce.


First file related as attachment, second by Chatter (second cannot be attached to emails and cannot be made visible for self service portal)


Proposal is add (configurable) "visiblity" drop down to attachment object or "IT internal" checkbox to attachment and file object.Current Private checkbox has different meaning and has few bugs. There is also default visibility setting, where you can configure the default visibilty level for 1) incoming email attachments 2) Incoming chatter files 3) self service portal related files 4) console attached files.


The process would be:

1) End user creates a request from portal or by email

2) IT staff starts to handle

3) In order to resolve IT staff contact 3rd party service provider (or other IT teams) via email. Before sending email, they add an attacment regarded as IT Internal to the ticket

4) When receiving emails to the ticket default visibility is applied. IT Staff may change this.

4.1 If really making the good, customer sent emails would be labelled as customer visible, but emails form other senders with the default

5) If sending email to ticket customer, related attachments are automatically labelled visible to customer (to prevent misalignment)

6) If getting help from other teams and receiving attachments via Chatter, IT staff could make these visible and use them in customer emails as well (as they see necessary)


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