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App Visibility should support more Java environments

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there are a number of java web servers on the market that have major deployment presence but are not on the list of supported APM environments.


there are a number of other tools that provide performance and health data for Java environments:

Top 10 Java Performance Troubleshooting Tools | Javalobby


if the App Vis agent could perform some of these same analysis metrics for 'any' JVM environment it could do well to supplement the more robust full app server tracing done on the likes of WebSphere, Tomcat, Weblogic.


Reasons for the request

1) not all web apps are maintained on enterprise class container based JVMs.

2) other web servers not on the supported list are gaining traction in the hosting space.  see "NGinX" on Web Server Survey | Netcraft

3) this could be out of the box otherwise we need to collect this data and somehow get the perf data into proactivenet for analysis


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