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Add Functionality to Automate BAO Code Transfer between Repositories with Options Activate or Deactivate

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Currently, all BAO Code Transfers must be done manually by the engineer to interact with Grid Manager.


Transferring BAO Content and Activation of Content


Here are the manual steps the AO Administrator Performs Currently:


1. Log into Grid Manager

2. Go to Drop Down in Applications Drop Down Field and Select Repository Manager

3. Repository Manager Loads and we have two tab "Manage Content" and "Transfer Content". We will select "Transfer Content".

4. Next, we need to establish a connection to the upper environment and enter in the necessary details and select "Connect":

          a. Host:

          b. Port:

          c. Username:

          d. Password:

5. Now we have connected to Upper Environment Repository we Select the Module we want to transfer and select the arrow to transfer the code to the new Repository we connected to.

6. Code has been transferred to upper environment. Now we need to activate the module which we just transferred. Go to Upper Environment Grid Manager -> Manage Tab -> Modules -> Select Module in the left hand table and select "Activate". Wait to see "Activation" reports as Successful.

7. Grid Manager reports Activation was successful. This concludes the manual steps of migrating a BAO Module to the Upper Environment.


IDEA: Automate Ability to Transfer Content and Activate/Deactivate


It would be nice if BMC could automate this effort by having a API to interact with BMC Atrium Orchestrator in which automation could be built to be responsible for BAO Code transfers for Modules and or Adapters. We would like to see BMC come up with a way to have the ability to automate transferring of code from one Repository to another Repository. To take it one step further, we would like to be able to have the option to automate the action to deactivate or activate a given module or adapter.


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