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FQDN as _COMPATIBILITY_ field in built-in connectors for TrueSight CO 10.0

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Bottom line, we would like to have the option to use FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) in the _COMPATIBLITY_ lookup field



We are running TrueSight CO 10.0 CHF3 and are currently developing the integration between the tool and our proprietary CMDB through OpenETL modules. In our environment, it is quite common to have the same system name for different systems making the FQDN the only identifier that ensure correct matches from different sources.  We have control over the field we are going to use for the CMDB look-up but this does not apply built-in integrations in our environment like BPA and VMware: the value for the _COMPATIBILITY_ lookup field does not contain the domain name for both of them even though the field itself is often available under the HOSTNAME lookup value as visible in the attached picture of BPA lookup entries




Is it possible to use the FQDN as compatibility fields in OOtB integration (such as BPA and VMware) to make them work with our CMDB integration based on OpenETL modules? If not, could you provide some guidelines on how to handle our situation that should be common to other customers as well?

In some cases, the FQDN is completely missing also in other lookup field (refer to the attached pictures), could you confirm this is due to a misconfiguration on the datasource rather than forced by the connector logic? Any suggestion in this case?


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