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Smart IT - Remove dependency on permissions

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Currently within Smart IT, in order to have access to be able to log into Smart IT you must have certain permissions based on teh following documentation:

Smart IT permissions - BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.1 - BMC Documentation


I would like to see the permission dependency removed from being able to log into Smart IT.  Instead, users should be able to log into Smart IT, but only see the specific functionality depending on what permissions they have.  For instance, if a person does not have Work Order permissions, they should be able to log in, but not be able to create or view work orders.


Right now, a user must have the ability to create/modify people profiles in order to log in.  I can understand the need for a help desk analyst to do this, but if you are looking to roll out Smart IT to an enterprise organization, you likely do not want to have to provide the Contact People User to every person in your company.


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