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Smart IT - Console Refresh Interval

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I would like to submit an idea for the below use case


The Smart IT Console does not appear to auto-refresh, and there is no refresh button.  Users who regularly monitor the Console must click on a different tab and back in order to check for updates.


To reproduce the issue, do the following:

1) Open Smart IT, and load the Console.

2) Set the appropriate filter.

3) From the Mid Tier, create a Request or Incident that should show up on the Console, based on the filter that was set.

4) Wait...


Expected Result:

The Console should update at some point on it's own, showing the new ticket.


Actual Result:

The Console never refreshes, and there is no way to simply refresh it manually.  Users must change tabs (Dashboard, for example), and go back to the Console to see the updates.


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