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ADDM Dashboard for Applications

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The ADDM user interface is lacking Application dashboards and reports.  The objects present on the Application tab on the UI is focused to ADDM administrators or Mapping new applications.  It's a great starting point for the application and getting the building of the mappings underway.

Upon opening the UI, the users are immediately drawn to the application tab.


We now have over 200 application instances in our ADDM environment and there is solid interest from our application support community in reviewing that data directly and it's clumsy to have users first open a list of application instances and then start crawling through the list to find a few that they are interested in.


I have created a few reports / charts that create views of applications. One chart I have graphs the number of hosts that are running 'application type' which is a great starting point that removes the multiple instances within each mapped application and shows how many hosts your application uses throughout the environment. ( shown below)


something that includes:

Count of applications by Application types

Application types by number of hosts contained.

Chart Applications with OSes that are End of support (or other support value)  ( extended data)

Chart applications with SI's that are shown by ( Extended data status)

<what else>


I'm thinking theres other people out there that are running into similar issues.  Its great that we can get all this data together into an application object, but it seems we could use a few could starting points for application developers, support, and managers to be able to get to their application information.


If you have application support staff or managers that struggle to find applications objects, lets upvote this to make it as easy for these users as it really should be.




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