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Add support for database failover / MS SQL Always on

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We have had a increasing number of customers wishing to leverage Microsoft's SQL 2012 and up feature of "Always on" These always on availability groups allow clients to have more resilient database infrastructure then typically provided by a stand alone cluster. This also allows for failover across multiple subnets and data centers.


Currently Remedy connect using the legacy OLEDB driver which per the link below does not support multi-subnet failover or other key always on features. Nor does the current remedy SQL connectivity allow you to designate a custom connection string. By either changing remedy to connect via a supported connection stream (ADO/JDBC/ODBC) it would allow clients to directly connect to SQL Databases leveraging these increasingly popular features.


As it stands now a client has to introduce another layer of complexity by either not using the always on infrastructure or having to place a 3rd party load balancer between the AR Server and the database.


It would be a useful feature and selling point to clients supporting database failover within remedy (allowing the use of multiple connections) or changing the way it connects to allow it to use availability groups / Always on to allow more flexibility in the client's environment and increased reliability / flexibility


MS link on compatible clients / features

AlwaysOn Client Connectivity (SQL Server)


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