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CMDB Recon and Norm Job Maintenance (BlackOut) Period Console

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AtriumCore could use an interface where all Atrium Core related jobs can be suspended with one click.


Basically put all modules that are currently enabled with Continuous and Batch jobs (via Schedule) and put them all into maintenance period.

You'd need the capability to have a calendar and schedule it as a black out period during which no jobs would be triggered and all continuous or continuous jobs suspended (paused or stopped).


Add an option to resume the jobs when the maintenance period is over.


If you need an explanation as to why you'd need such a feature then please reply to this thread, but this is something that is needed for various reasons. 


You might argue that schedules are available via the job consoles. But you have to know which modules to access and then go to every single job and disable the schedule one by one. This is a problem and causes delay when you need maintenance done on a feature related to data management. That data should not be processed during that time frame for what ever reason.




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