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Quickviews enhancements

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HI all,


As the quickviews can be very useful for customers it would be good as the following items can get changed;


1. Remove/collapse the big bar on top. (Manage dashboards/refresh) This takes a lot of screenspace

2. Provide the option to make the dashboard the default landing page instead of the last process view.

3. Create a standard console My Work (Incident, tasks, problem, changes etc) where I am the staff agents. At a small button on top to switch to the same view but than based on my queues.

4. At a filtering for the chart view around SLA. At the moment we cannot set a Pie chart based on status of the sla.

5. At useful naming around the graph. So vertical and horizontal explanation; Like "Priority" in example below.


6. Can we not enhance the look and feel, like a google like view or like below;





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