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Ability to change request/step owners by environment - Promotion Table

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In BRPM, when a request is created from template, the new request inherits all the Request and Step owners from the template.  In a promotion scenario, the assignees may change with environment.  QA people would perform the work on a QA request, ProdSupport people would perform the work in production.  Right now the only way to do this is to have the step assigned to a group and make each of the above a member of the group.

What would be helpful is to have a promotion table that accompanies a request template.  In the promotion table, you could declare different step and request owners by environment.  Additionally, this would be a good place to describe other template variations such as steps that get turned on and off by environment etc. In the absence of something in the promotion table, the request would just behave the way ot does today.


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