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Run PowerShell Natively in BladeLogic

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"Create a script type for PowerShell Scripts or the 'type 3' nsh scripts (copy and execute for  non-nsh scripts) worked natively w/ PowerShell and VB."

Bill Robinson Nov 13, 2013 7:32 AM (in response to Bill Robinson)



Key here is to run existing PowerShell cmdlets natively against Windows Servers in BladeLogic without having to use the NSH switches like below-

$target cmd /c Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -InputFormat None -OutputFormat Text -NoLogo -NonInteractive -Command


We need to be able to pipe information and set the output formatting accordingly.



This is already available for  Unix and Pearl.


Example 01 : I Right Click on a Depot Folder / Select New / I would want PowerShell as an Option






Example 02 : I Right Click on a Depot Folder / Select New / NSH Script / Be Able to Select Script Type - PowerShell.





I know we can create a Custom Command using  nexec -i -e powershell -File -   but we lose some of the PowerShell console functionality such as the UP Arrow to re-apply the last entry.



Bottom line is, as a Windows Administrator with over 17,000 WIN Servers, it would be beneficial to be able to use pre-canned PowerShell scripts to Administer these servers running it natively within BladeLogic.



Please do not Reply with "Use NSH"  That is not helpful.


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