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Respecting Dates when copying CIs & Rels to another Dataset

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Hi List,


As said, after copying CIs and Relationships, logically, Create Date and Modified Date change.


But, this could lead to confusion when you want to compare, for example, create" and "remove" dates for a particular Dependency relationship on two datasets.


Let's say that, on "BMC.ASSET" a Dependency shows:

- Create Date:    06/03/2014 19:50:53

- Modified Date:  14/08/2014 00:02:04


In some point of time, Parent and Child CI related to this Dependency relationship have been copied to "SNAPSHOT.2014" dataset.

Indirectly the relationship has also been copied.


But the new Dependency instance shows:

- Create Date:    17/12/2014 19:08:58

- Modified Date:  17/12/2014 19:08:58


Just the moment the "copy" job execution took place.


Maybe there's a way to avoid those updates via precedence rules?

Maybe the only way will be to modify BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseRelationship class including new fields?


(same would apply to CIs)


Kind Regards,



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