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Automatically match incoming emails via Message-id (Auto Incident Matching)

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We get a lot of customers who cc various people on incoming emails to our EmailListener service. Sometimes these other people reply to the message and as our EmailListener is still cc'd, it creates duplicate Incidents.


We then have to Incident Match these incidents which is cumbersome, leaves to information being spread out over various

incidents, and also is timely.


What I would propose is to use the Message-Id header in an email to be able to identify that a reply to an email is actually part of existing

conversation, and automatically update the Action History of the existing Incident. Obviously this would be configurable, i.e. if someone wanted to use it or not.


Here's an example:


For example, first message has the following in it's header:

Message-ID: <>


Second (reply) message:

Message-ID: <>

In-Reply-To: <> (same with first Message-ID)


Third (reply to reply) message:

Message-ID: <>

In-Reply-To: <> (same with second Message-ID)


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