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Security Products Inventory (Repair Op Rule)

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I would like to see an Operational Rule created as an OOTB tool that will fix the issue that sometimes occurs where Security Products Inventory vanishes.


If a customer does not own Deploy then there is no way for customer to build their own rule to repair. It would be super sweet if it was able to self repair if data is missing or corrupted on the client side.


Current Steps to Repair:


Create BAT file that:

  1. Stops the agent
  2. Deletes the primary files in the DATA > Software Inventory Folder (Not the SQL Folder)
  3. Restart the agent
  4. Collect FULL Security Products Inventory (This happens by default as SQLite3 DB is new)

Push this BAT using Software Deploy.


I tried these steps:

  • Unload Software Inventory
  • Delete files (in that directory)
  • Load Software Inventory
  • Update and Upload Security Products

I was not able to actually delete the required files to force a re-inventory just using these STEPS


This rule needs to be able to run even if Deploy is not owned.






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