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Option to disable version check in BMA when deploying against Tomcat

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While testing deployments against Tomcat servers, we have seen that BMA is relying on the server version string tomcat reports back via RMI. This gives us a problem in our customers environment, as they are hardening their tomcat installation, and part of the hardening process is the removal of the version string from the RMI registry. This is quite simply by editing a properties-file in the catalina.jar.


As security hardening is normal in enterprise environments, there should be an option in BMA (CLI) to suppress the version check. Without such an option our customer will not be able to use BMA in conjunction with tomcat servers. Also we think this information is redundant because the tomcat version (6 or 7) is already defined during runtime via the server profile.


The related issue id is ISS04377591.


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