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New Hotfix/Update released - email notification

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I would like to receive email notifications when new Hotfixes/Updates are released, with a list of the fixes included.




To: FPAC11.7Users-distribution-list

Subject: Update 141022l released for FPAC 11.7

Body: The 141022l update for FPAC 11.7 includes the following fixes:

TIA07434 - Some devices which use USB network adapters may not be able to boot into the OS Deployment environment.

TIA07459 - File transfers to Windows devices may fail in some cases.

TIA07460 - The Client Management Agent service may take a long time to start when monitored applications are assigned to the device.

TIA07461 - Patch jobs which have been configured to patch only selected products may include patches for all products.

TIA07468 - Asset Discovery scans which have been configured to not use nmap may not scan some ports.

TIA07469 - After using Remote Control to connect to a system where Aero desktop is enabled, Aero desktop is not re-enabled when the session is disconnected.

TIA07470 - The Windows key is not passed through a Remote Control session as expected.

TIA07471 - Security issues addressed. This was addressed in the 141022l update.

TIA07472 - Asset Discovery scans incorrectly identify Windows Server 2003 systems as workstations.

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Having to manually visit the Product Updates section in the main support site to find about new Hotfixes/Updates is not efficient.


These notifications should be opt-in.



Eduardo Chapa


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