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Provide (searchable list of) hot-fixes proactively

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At ITConcepts as a BMC ESM / MSM Elite Partner and Support Partner we are often facing similar product issues at different customers or in different projects. We are not always aware of the fact, that a similar issue has been detected by a colleague, for not all symptoms are necessarily the same.

Without any information that it might be a general issue or an already known bug we very often have to contact BMC support to create a new incident. It is not uncommon, that we are initiating parallel incidents. And even support does not always seem to know about known issues.


In the recent past we  had a lot of hassle with BMC support to send all required information, describe scenarios to be able to reproduce errors and try this and try that without success. After weeks of sending emails back and forth and web-ex sessions etc. BMC support presented a hot-fix to us, which has been made available by R&D to BMC support  BEFORE we even encountered the defect.


If we had the chance to search for a specific issue in a list of hot-fixes or better, if BMC had provided an announcement about availability of a new hot-fix proactively, this would have saved much, much time, much money, reduce hassle and reputation of BMC products would not have been tattered that much.


Please provide a feed we can subscribe to or at least a list we can search through. Do it not only for Service Packs and Patches but for Hot-Fixes as well.


This is not only true for ARSystem, but for all Remedy products.


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