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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Integration For BPPM

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The basic 'idea' here is that BMC should consider offering a standard out of the box integration approach for integrating BPPM with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).  There are key tools that many shops leverage - and OEM is a fairly popular tool in the Oracle world.


We have been fairly happy with the Seamless integration for HP NNM to BPPM for our network environment - and much like that - it should be fairly point and click to bring in Oracle events.


The 'win/win' here is that I am sure the professional services folks are often called upon to make this integration happen - and I'm sure support gets calls when things are not working....but you have to unwind case by case what was built and how it is delivered to help someone with a problem.  By "productizing" the msend style integrations that are most often called up - or offering something more solid and 'production ready' - with the point and click install and configuration - it makes everything work better, more consistently and in less time.  Customers would appreciate it. It is somewhat expected - like a means to integrate from other tools like OpenView and SCOM.


We presently rely on a "home grown" msend based integration - and we have had issues with msend hanging and failing to send on Oracle events - Oracle as you might imagine runs some of the biggest most important (and most important to alert on) systems... so weakness in this area is also difficult to defend and tolerate in production.


Anyway - I hope you might consider an OEM to BPPM integration at some point!


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