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Add 'Server Alias' to Dev Studio Server-Names

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When working in Dev Studio in environments with multiple servers of fairly irrelevant server-names, it can be hard to keep track of which server is a Dev server, QA and Prod. Many customers provision servers with host-names which mean very little to the end-user without reference, for example A2342342 or SRV02342.


When configuring new servers within Dev Studio, I would like to see the addition of a 'Server Alias' column which allows the 'friendly' naming of Servers for within the Dev Studio interface:


A mockup would look similar to this:


Once connected to one of these servers, the left-hand server/object list would also display the 'Friendly' name.


There is a strong business-case for the above, primarily to avoid Developers from promoting/altering workflow accidentally in environments that are under change-control. This simple enhancement would be of great benefit to the Dev Studio community.


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