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Request that BMC delivers RPM-Packages for (Patrol)Agents

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for our Unix-Systems we use RPM for software-Distribution.

For the PatrolAgent we have to create a RPM-Package ourselves which costs quite some effort.


When BMC would create these Packages,


- they would have the possibility to make the package much slimmer. As they can create dependencies to other rpm-packages. For example Java. Then the Agent doesn't have to bring its own.

That would save diskspace.


- The RPM-Package would fit in the Default deployment of a lot of Unix Operating Systems, without much effort. That would make a shorter deployment cycle possible.


- A lot of other companies already deliver RPM-Packages for their Software. That saves a lot of discussions with the colleagues who have to create the RPM-Packages and the Unix-Administrators.


Feel free to add more arguments






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