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Linked Quick Templates sequencing / execution order - FP12

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Per Don's original posting:


"In version 11, there was an option to either manually sequence existing subtasks or configure it as an option when setting up a Master Quick Issue template.


Workaround: Due to the new Workflow feature, it may be more desirable to configure subtask creation using rules as part of workflow.  Once you get to a certain stage, that means that certain subtasks have been completed and new subtasks could then spawn.  The Master Status could be updated by Rules also so that when all subtasks are resolves it moves to the next stage.  If this is not a direct solution for certain scenarios, you can configure a separate field to track how many subtasks have been completed and change the status of others based on that.  If you have your own "Inactive" status, you can set the Role property to disallow editing a Ticket in that Status.  This would in essence provide the same built-in functionalty as the inactive status in v11."


Having the ability to configure sequencing when creating quick templates would be ideal.  In the above workaround from Don it is viable to do this via status, however it requires more user interaction (ie: having to change the status of the parent ticket).  I would like to see sequencing in a fashion similar to BMC Remedyforce where you can order your execution both sequentially and in parallel:


Ie: subtask 1 and 2 occur at the same time, and subtask 3 occurs when 1 and 2 are complete, by setting the first two as order number 1, and the third as order number 2.



Remedyforce's template Task Execution Order:



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