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To be able to manage licensed software differently

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There are many other ways to manage licenses, different from "1 device = 1 license":


- 1 license per core as for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Microsoft Office 365

Maybe that it could simply be achieved by setting an option on each device agent configuration.

Best would probably be an option on the license management setting that'd calculate it reguarding to the device hardware inventory.

I don't know if there are other ways to calculate licenses than by core, but I suppose it should be possible to use a criterion from any type of the available inventories on FPAC, just in case.


- 1 license for 2 devices as for Adobe Acrobat Pro

I can think of two things:

- to be able to manually "merge" two or more devices as one license used in the dedicated node

- to base calculation on the device main user or any other criterion available in its inventories


- 1 license per product suite as for Microsoft Office 2010

I'm unsure this is something that doesn't already exist in the product and I have to perform tests to see if it's not just a config issue.


- 1 license per x guests on a VMware or Hyper-V host.


- Client Access License (CAL)


- ...




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