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FP12 - Suggestions for Issue History

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The Audit History layout of FP12 is very appealing and capitvating but it's not very pratical to work with.


1) The Audit History section is too small, forcing a continuous grid scrolling. Also, it's not clear (for a user) why there are different rows for the same date/hour & user.





Also, I just had to send the history of an Incident to the BMC support: for an Incident with "only" 16 history entries I had to take 6 screenshots! It would be very useful a way to quickly extract or download the whole issue history.

I'm scared about what will happen when I will ask to my customers to send the entire history of an issue to troubleshoot...



2) Reading the Audit History is not clear. When a Business rule is executed, in the History trail it appears simply as "System :: Rule", without the name of the executed rule.

For a FootPrints administrator this is a very big issue: in a complex environment, how can a FP administrator easily identify the right Business rule that needs to be updated?


In the following screenshot, a Business rule automatically changes the Status to "In progress" when a customer edits an Incident.



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