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COPY functionality - FP12

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Delivered in 12.1.08


This Idea will only cover items 1 and 10 for now.  Please vote on the other separate Ideas for 2-9. 


There are a lot of areas in FP12 which are missing copy functions.  Rather than create multiple ideas, I'll just create the one.


Areas which would be nice to have copy in:


1) Copy quick templates Copy Quick Templates

2) Copy workflow processes Copy Workflow Processes

3) Copy fields Copy Fields and Shared Fields

4) Copy shared fields Copy Fields and Shared Fields

5) Copy agent web to customer web (ie: a button the customer web form which states "copy from agent web") Copy Agent Web Form to Customer Web Form

6) Copy workspace item Functionality of copying container item definitions

7) Copy email templates Copy Email Templates

8) Copy users Copy users

9) Copy imports (the button is there but non-functional.  Depending who you ask, thats either an idea or a bug... IMO, its a bug, the button is there) Copy Imports

10) Copy searches  Copy Searches



There might be more but that's all I can think of.


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