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Allow staff to change Request Definition and edit the input

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We are using request definition extensively since we can gather specific information related to the type of the incident/service request, provide the instruction on each display and also map the input information to different fields to generate report.  We drastically reduced our complicated category structure by doing so and we were able to generate reports to the detail levels.  


But we ran into two issues 1) After choosing the request definition and found out wrong one was chosen when popup window for input showed up (the window won't show until we saved it first), we were unable to change to a different Request Definition any more (not like template) 2) Once we saved the input, we were unable to edit the input if we later found out we provided the wrong information. Our Help Desk may not have all the information at the time when the incident is opened.

  The current work around is to clone the incident and open a new incident.  This could really confuse our client and push the due time further.  It is really not a good practice to create a new incident every time when we need to change the incident using request definition.



We would like to have the capability to

1) Change to a different request definition under "incident details" even after it is saved.

2) Edit the input and have the new input mapped per our configuration.


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