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Optimize Indexes in CMDB and ITSM Suite

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According to our experience with BMC Remedy ITSM Suite and Atrium CMDB there is room for improvement regarding existing indexes.


Some indexes are set Out-of-the-box (ootb), but they make no sense in real life queries..



There are at least three combined indexes which include the ReconciliationIdentiy. But none of them will be used, if you want to search for the ReconcilliationIdentity only. (explanation, please see below)


Other indexes are missing, but would be able to improve performance dramatically.


Examples for new indexes we would like to see ootb:

  • CMDB
    • CI Name
    • Serial Number
    • ReconcilliationIdentity
    • Model
  • CTM:People
    • ManagerLoginID
  • and more.


Some fields (or attributes) might be part of a combined index, but they are not used, because they are not in the first place and searches are only using a single field.



If you create an index with  Field1; Field2; Field3


it will be used for queries like these:

- Field1 = x

- Field1 = x AND Field2 = y

- Field1 = x AND Field2 = y AND Field3 = z


but it will not be used for queries like

- Field2 = y

- Field3 = z

- Field2 = y AND Field 3 = z



And, yes, things have been improved by BMC from 7.6.0 to 8.1.01, but there is still much to do in every project at every customer for each installation.


Please revise the indexing settings and optimize them ootb.


Thank you


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