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Simulate Different Permission User Behaviour in same session

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I am not sure this is currently achievable in the system or not. But day to day i have do so many login logout for testing .


User 1- Let Say is Admin


User 2- Ley Say Knowledge User/Incident User


User 3 - Read License User.


Now if i am making any change in code/workflow with user 1 (admin) - for testing i have to make 2 different sessions for User2 and User3 , that too in different browser if you want login at the same time.


Can we have something like - you are logged in with User1 and in the same session you can impersonate (same as the different session and respective permissions) User2 and User3.


if this is available in current system , please guide me how to do this. This will save a lot of time.





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