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BRPM - Suppress id entry for every line in RLM Instance log

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When we execute a BRPM step to execute a BRPD process corresponding to a package, the log is written in 'rlm_instance_logs' location. When I look at the logs in that location, every line entry has a corresponding key id  which is printed on every line as below:


- id: '424169'

  value: O:Task Activated

- id: '424170'

  value: P:CITI_SVN_PASSWORD=*****

- id: '424171'

  value: P:CITI_SVN_USERNAME=rlmadmin

- id: '424172'


We need the log in the below format which is being followed when an action is executed while creating the instance:


- P:1403025541:CITI_SVN_PASSWORD=*****

- S:1403025541:Instance Construction Started

- P:1403025541:CITI_SVN_USERNAME=rlmadmin

- P:1403025541:CITI_SVN_ROOT=/opt/bmc/bma/svn

- P:1403025541:CITI_ORACLE_USERNAME=ddl_autoinstall

- P:1403025541:CITI_ORACLE_PASSWORD=*****


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