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CMA: Deploy KMs to PATROL Agents from CMA

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Today we have to build deployable packages for each KMs (or bundles with several KMs) and the deployment must be done either manually or with tools like BladeLogic. Other Monitoring Tools are able to deploy monitoring intelligence (the same as KMs) with the central monitoring infrastructure.


My idea is the following:

The PATROL Agent has to be installed on a system (would be great if BMC could provide standard installation packages for each platform like MSI for Windows, RPM for Linux, PKG for Solaris ans so on). The installed PATROL Agent connects to the Staging Integration Service and is connected to an ISN. Based on the information available through the PATROL Agent like OS, OS Version, Tags and so on, we can deploy the configuration with a Monitoring Policy.


But that's not enough!


We should also be able to deploy the KMs! For example if a server is marked as MS SQL Database Server by a Tag, CMA should be able to deploy the MS SQL KM to this PATROL Agent.


Or if it is a server marked as a Web Server by a Tag, the ISM KM should automaticaly be deployed to that Agent.


This feature would make BPPM to a high dynamic tool!


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