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CMDB attributes should support all characteristics for AR System fields

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When you create or modify a CMDB attribute, you can set many characteristics for it.  These map to the equivalent characteristics for AR System fields.  However, there are a few characteristics of AR System fields that are not exposed as characteristics of CMDB attributes so they cannot be set (since you are not supposed to overlay CMDB forms/fields -- except display characteristics which these are not).


A good example is the FTS and/or MFS setting to provide incremental indexing for a field.  This cannot be set through the CMDB and so requires a rule violation to set it at the AR System level in an overlay.


We should review all the non-display characteristic of fields at the AR System level and make sure that CMDB attributes expose all of those settings as CMDB attribute characteristics so that they can be set through the CMDB definition.


FTS/MFS setting is ONE key example of a characteristic that needs to be added.


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