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Bulk Delete of Version Tags

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I would like to suggest the idea for Bulk Delete of Version Tags.   The version tags that get created during any RPM to RPD call can go into the tens of thousands for a productionised implementation.  At the moment there is no mechanism to delete or archive those version tags in bulk, only one by one.  If we have a number of test version tags that we want to clear from the system, this makes life difficult.


Bulk Delete should have a feature to delete based on the name or parts of name of the version tag.


Can we hopefully see that in a future release of RPM?


UPDATE ( 02/05/2016 )


Identical question but regarding other product ( TCO : Truesight Capacity Optimization ) :

Is there a way to programmatically delete a specific instance of a tag


Same discussion / same context but different product. Seems also not be available to in bulk delete TAGS in TCO...

So I guess this is a common / general requirement when WORKING with TAGS...





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