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Asset 2 People relationship "automation"

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Similar to how DSM and Normalization works... one thing that takes a huge amount of time is to create relationships between Assets (CIs) and organizational data using the Asset 2 People form. Typically this is done for several reasons such as:

  • Give a particular Support group write access to the CIs they are supporting ("Supported by" relationship)
  • Identify who uses a particular CI ("Used by" relationship)
  • Identify who manages a particular CI ("Managed by" relationship)
  • Be able to more efficiently use the Intelligent Ticketing V2 feature where assignments can be done based on the support group supporing a CI.


These types of relationships are bothersome to create and can not even be done in bulk. We have to iterate our way through each and every CI.


I want to suggest an approach, where similar to the Custom Rules in Normalization Engine, we would be able to define rules that create these types of relationships for us. It would save a lot of time!!!


Exampe 1: For all BMC_ComputerSystem CIs that have a relationship to a BMC_OperatingSystem CI whose Model attribute contains the word "Windows", a "Supported by" relationship would be created to the "Global Windows Support team"


Example 2: For all BMC_SoftwareServer CIs that have a Model attribute that contains the word "WebLogic", a "Supported by" relationship would be created to the "Middleware Support team".


This comes especially handy with Intelligent Ticketing v2 where we can use the "Supported by" relationships to route incidents in Incident Management that are coming from BPPM.


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