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Record Types on Console Views

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Hi All


For me the consoles are making huge leaps and bounds in terms of functionality which is great, one last big discussion point that still comes up is the ability to use the concept of the Record Type on the consoles.  So this is the ability to display different variants of object fields dependant on the record type selected.  This is very useful when you think of Task and potentially the different fields that may contain dependant on the module that it is raised for, or potentailly leveraging any standard changes and very bespoke fields that may be required for those, outside of normal change form (think of IMAC's / MACD's), that could be nicely handled in a record type.


I know the consoles are using the Beta Field sets which now have some extended functionality on the admin side, where you can now create your own field sets and the associate to a profile and layout (only on incidents and requests console) but not on task and change etc. so will this functionality be extended?  Also this does not give a complete ability to use record types will that also be added in?


It looks like the functionality is moving into that space but this is definitely something that would be great to have in the consoles and would essentially remove one of the last dependencies on having to use the native salesforce objects.






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