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Run a scheduled scan of all known devices (Logical Groups)

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Currently I am scanning a very, very large environment, and our SLA is 24 hours for fresh data in the CMDB. Currently I go and click Infrastructure, click ALL, then hit scan, on top of daily large subnet scans in slices of /12 to pick up any new devices in an ADDM 10 Cluster with 6 servers.


If I could schedule a daily scan of all known devices in the Hosts list, EDIT or run a full scan of all "Discovery Run: Seen IP's" after a sweep scan of a very large subnet.


Taking this a step further, logical grouping would be nice, as being able to group devices based on a characteristic such as OS, devicetype, etc.


Also another plus to this logical grouping would be the ability to run sweep scans of your entire environment, then once the sweep scan is complete, run a full scan of all devices in the "Discovered" logical group. .


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