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Ability to set different/independent execution orders  for task templates in service request definitions

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  • Presently you can only have one sequence of task execution order in service request configuration.
  • All tasks have to be closed to move to next one in sequence
  • We like the ability of sequential execution which however there are scenarios where multiple tasks are simultaneously/independently executed  and they may have further dependency on respective parent task in that case  the dependent tasks are not executed till all “1 number” tasks are closed.
  • Do not want to write triggers/custom code for each such request as this is additional maintenance and does not give usability
  • We can create separate forms hand handle the process independently but that does not add value to new hire/onboarding form or any such scenarios
  • Probably there should be one more flag on each task template
  • Have exhausted options of linking to primary SR templates of incident or even invoking changes etc, does not work.
  • We are not even considering approvals else it would become too complex


Example :

New hire process has tasked invoked on the choice submitted by manager HR/Manger one simple scenario Task execution.jpg

submitted for customer


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