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Asset Editor and Asset Creator

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I have a customer that requires the functional role between Asset Admin and Asset User permission.  There should be a functional permission or role that allows any support group member to create a CI/Modify but not with the additional functionally that Asset Admin Permission allows.  Having Asset Admin Permission can cause issues as it has to much functionally.  The permission or role would not allow the same permissions as Asset Admin, It would allow the creation and modification of a CI only.


We require two new roles or permission groups to be created in order to deliver the required functionality for allowing technical support users and partners to create and/or edit CIs.


1. Asset Editor permissions, can be based on the Asset User permission group, but with the additional ability to modify CIs and create relationships to other CIs and to People/Support Groups.


2. Asset Creator permissions, which allows all of the above, plus the ability to create new CIs. Asset User permission - using the ‘Supported By’ relationship does not grant the user access to create CI to CI relationships. Taken from the Permission Group description: “Modification access to CI data is based on Support Group relationships.  If a user belongs to a Support Group that is related to a CI using one of the defined roles then the user will have access to modify that CI record with the exception of the CI to CI relationships”. Therefore, using the Supported By relationship will not deliver the level of functionality required at the modify level, as we will require our Support Groups to create relationships.  As known it also does not cater to the Create requirement


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