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Improve the RKM editing capabilities

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The editing capabilities of RKM are... simply put... not good. I have heard nothing but complaints about it from users. There are so many functions that are inferior or missing that they can't be listed. It is best summarized by stating it is archaic. Users are used to Word like editing capabilities and RKM is far behind that.


A couple of major items that I hear over and over:


  • The size of the editing window is too small and the Advanced editing window offers little improvement.
  • If you want to highlight a block of text in order to change the font or font size, RKM will only make changes one line of text at a time. Therefore you have to highlight line after line, and after each minor change you manage to make successfully to selected text, the selection goes away and you have to re-select to make further changes. Consequently the best practice users have adapted is to write RKM articles in Word and then paste them into RKM. This doesn't work all that well either as the pasting often adds extra spacing between paragraphs.

  • The spell-check is not very good. Clearly misspelled words are not corrected.


The bottom line is the editing interface needs to be modernized. This interface belongs to 1995 and they want it back.


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