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Use Validation Rule for Outage Start /Outage End instead of coding

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Had a customer who wanted to utilize the outage start date and outage end date without applying a service.  They created their own service drop down so they could select it based on Network/Application/Service only.  We then removed the Service field from the Console and when we put a date in, received an error stating to please select the service.  After reaching out to PM, they stated it was part of the coding.  Recommend that we removed this from the coding and make it a validation rule so that it can be made inactive if customers would like to use the built in fields versus creating their own fields.


We did create a work around by creating our own date/time field for Service Outage Start and Service Outage End, but if we had a validation rule for this instead of it being in the code, we could have skipped that step and used the fields already provided.




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