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Provide a place to download hotfixes

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Currently the only way to find out if a hotfix exists is to comb through all of the product documentation, open a ticket with BMC, or to create a discussion in the communities and hope that someone sees it and will post about the hotfix.  And then the only way to get said hotfix is to open a ticket with BMC and wait for them to eventually get back to you and provide said hotfix.  I would like to see an area in the EPD where we can look at the available hotfixes and then download them if it appears that they may resolve our issues.  This would also potentially cut down on some of the support issues that are raised with BMC since if I had been able to download the hotfix myself I would not have had to open a high priority ticket just to get the file.


As stated by feed back on the idea this solution would need to be maintained and the hotfixes documented so that users no what they are downloading in order to help minimize the potential for creating an even bigger issue than the one the user is trying to resolve with the hotfix. 


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