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RPD - User Interface Suggestions

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Please consider the following UI improvements:


1) The UI does not need to pop up a dependency select list after a user previously sets a dependency among process activities or package references. It is confusing and only eliminates one click of a "+" icon to bring up the select list if setting another dependency is desired. In regular usage, I've seen this create more confusion and effort than it saves.


2) In regular usage, the need to select the check mark to save edited setting throughout the console (rather than having a save button for all the settings on any given page) is confusing and creates unintended effort. It's far too easy to miss clicking the check mark and then having to redo work that wasn't saved.


3) It would be great to have an up-front dependency selection list for package references similar to that which is available for process activities so that you can select dependencies up front when creating the reference.


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