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SNMP Adapter needs improving

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We're quickly coming to the conclusion that the SNMP provisioning in BEM is not to an Enterprise Standard.



We use the MCXA connector for SNMP, this is used along side some other MCXA connections for other services (HP Non-Stop) If there is an issue with the SNMP connector in some instances the doesn't work as required meaning we have to stop and start the whole Impact Event Adapter. So a failure in one integration has a knock on effect to other integrations. This is not acceptable

Error Handling is poor when publishing a MIB. The response my issue a series of errors with no clear idea as to which MIB (if any) have failed.


Some of the MIBS exist in a parent-child relationship. This isn't clear from the adapter and it is possible that the parent MIB can be unpublished leaving the child MIBS. It's also possible to load two MIBS which can result in contention issues.


The above issues could account for why periodically we appear to loose MIBS or there could be an underlying reason as two why MIBS appears to get un-loaded and its difficult to load these in as expected. This has a protracted resolution, due to the Error handling issue already highlighted.



We've already encountered a top end limit to the throughput of data via SNMP to a cell. In part this is due to SNMP being limited to port 162, but there is little room in BEM for the SNMP adapter to split this load across multiple cells (and therefore processes) We've developed a crude method for this, but it certainly isn't scalable out of the box and as part of an enterprise solution does not fulfil our needs.


Support from BMC in this space previously hasn't been forthcoming, and it took a few weeks of support to actually get the Adapter to the state we are working with now.



What we need from BMC is either a commitment to do some work in this space to bring it up to an enterprise standard and be well supported. (We also need a commitment that this will have a robust solution in BPPM 9.x.) or If this isn't on the roadmap, then we really need a statement from BMC, that there isn't any work planned in this space and we should really be looking at a dedicated SNMP Trap Listening tool, which can then feed separately in to BEM/BPPM.


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