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APM Console always reflecting Same Name for all Webserver

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Hi team,


We have 3 instances of webserver running on same Application Diagnostics Server 2.5.00 , we configured JVM with following option on different modules:


Module 1:



Module 2:



Module 3:



Still it shows the same name across all the web servers in APM console. PFA the screenshot:


We have also raised ticket with BMC Customer support. But unfortunately we came to know that this feature is not available in the current version of Application Diagnostics i.e 2.5.00 and it could be available in the next release of Application Diagnostic version.


We have been advised to create this Idea in order to make this feature available in the next release so Please rate this post so this functionality come as a part of application.


Thanks and Regards,

Kanhu Mohapatra.


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