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To set a Queue to Inactive within Remedyforce Administration

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The requirement is to make Queues inactive so that those Queues do not show up anymore in de queue lookup field of an incident or other modules.
At the same time, the incidents of the inactive Queues should remain their current Queue-Assignment (names) for reporting purposes.

So renaming or deleting the queues is not an option.


Limitations of the SF platforms are:

-    There is no “inactive” flag for a Queue (in the Queues module)
-   You cannot delete a queue where records are associated to
    (Error: Your attempt to delete the queue could not be completed because it is used by the following areas: Incident: 00000777 etc ....)
-    You cannot remove the object (incident) from the queue, because of another constraint:
    ( Error : The Following queues are in use by default owner setting, workflow rule, sharing rule, or actual record owner: Incident)


Within the Remedyforce Administration / Manage Users, there should be a new option with a new form to be able to configure Queues. Within this form you should be able to Acitvate/Deactivate and control the Remedyforce Queues so that they show / not show in the queue lookup fields.


(Similar functionality already exists within Accounts in the "Accounts form" where you have ability to select "Remedyforce Accounts checkbox" so that all accounts do not show in Remedyforce )


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