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Remove 10,000 Incident search limit

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Remedyforce search in the upper right hand corner can only handle 10,000 incidents. This is the first 10,000 not the last 10,000.


If you are trying to search for an incident under all closed, you can only search between numbers 1-10,000

(we obtained incident #10,000 in about 4-6 months)




I am aware that there are 2 other search options on the Left hand side of the window.

  • Global Search - assigned by default to all roles (except admin)


  • Side bar search - has to be implimented and not default.

[Select Setup > App Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts > Click Page Layout Assignment > Not the layout next to the profile > go back to Home Page Layouts > click edit next to your layout and enabled Side Bar search.]

the 10,000 limit cap has made it difficult for us to use the console view to sort accordingly, and we now have to run reports.


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