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Dev Studio - Bulk Field Generator for rapid form development

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After requirements are locked down (chuckle), many developers are left with a short design and development window.  Although, the minimum number of fields per form to fulfill the requirements may be known.  Adding one field at a time when creating or updating forms can be tedious and time consuming.


It would speed up development ten-fold,  if BMC Remedy Developer Studio provided the option to create (n) fields, simultaneously; where n would equal the number of fields provided by the developer.  Along with the number of fields, the developer would be prompted for the starting field id (fi).



Developers would as they do today, right-click to ''Create New Field".

In this example we'll create Character fields.

  1. After selecting Character, an arrow to the right of the Character selection would expose a two question menu.
  2. This menu would have two choices with values to be provided by the developer:
    1. 'No. of Fields:'  (n)
    2. 'First Field ID:'  (fi)
    3. (optional) Field Prefix:
  3. The default value of 'No. of Fields' would be 1.  The default value of 'First Field ID' will be a 9 or 10 digit integer.
  4. There may be a third attriubute to add a field prefix.  For company ABC Controls, that field prefix may be: ABC_
  5. After entering the values above where 'No. of Fields' >=2, a BULK FIELD PROPERTIES sheet will display.
    This property sheet will be very similar to the Multiple Field (selected) property sheet we see today.
    Values such as Entry Mode, QBE match, Permissions, Views, Field alignment, X or Y coordinates, can be updated.
  6. The DB Name, Display Name and Field ID are auto-incremented.
  7. After clicking OK, fields 1 - 20 will be:
    1. DBName:  ABC_CharField1, ABC_CharField2, ABC_CharField3......ABC_CharField20
    2. Field ID:  600040001, 600040002, 600040003...600040020

These steps could be repeated for Integer, Date/Time, Real, etc.

Sample Screenshot:



These steps could be repeated for Integer, Date/Time, Real, etc.


Several variations of this idea come to mind including importing a csv of fieldnames, IDs and Data Types to create a form.




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