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Automate the process of registering remote BPPM cells

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One of the great features of BPPM is the ability to deploy remote cells to capture events and perform initial filtering and correlation before passing the filtered event stream to the primary BPPM cell. However, there are too many manual steps involved in making remote cells known to the central BPPM components and consoles. When you add a remote cell, depending on what you want to do with it, you may have to manually update one or more mcell.dir files, run the iadmin command to register the cell with IAS, add the cell to the 'Other Cells' list in the Operations Console and add the cell to the available cells list the Admin Console. I may be forgetting one or two steps, which only helps to prove my point. This process is too manual and therefore too error prone. Remote cells should be able to “phone home” to the BPPM server(s) in a similar fashion to PATROL agents and register themselves automatically.


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