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Solution Module Improvements in Self Service Center

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Having a knowledge base for employees is a very good idea to have and I'm really sad Track-It's is nothing like most knowledge base products on the market. To be frank, ours is just terrible. One (minor) improvement I'd make is giving users the ability to just be able to browse the solutions. Sometimes they don't know what's available or even what to search for. And out of all the different help desk software I've worked with, Track-It is the only one that actually makes you search before showing you articles. Because of this, I've setup a separate knowledge base platform and it'd be nice to not have to constantly manually sync solutions between the two platforms.


In addition, it would be handy to be able to send a direct link to a solution as well to the end user.


Here's a mock screenshot.


And of course the current search functionality would work as normal:



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