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Report possibility on total elapsed time and total time on each status

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Hi All,


Following request is really important for several customers:


Reporting on the total elapsed time of a request. This means the total duration that the staff employee worked on the ticket taking the SLA stop the clock statusses and business hours into consideration. Indeed this could be difficult if a ticket is not closed yet but at least on a closed status this must be stored in the database.


At the moment in RF you have within a request the button service targets were elapsed time is calculated on runtime and the value is never stored into the database so you can't report on it.



Report the the total time that the request was on a certain status.

Example: total amount of time that the request was on a status "Waiting for customer", "Accepted", etc...


This way a manager can monitor/report how low tickets are on a specific status.


Kind regards,

Christophe Dufromont


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