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Template improvements: Mining data from the parent to assignments

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OK,  I've run up against this when creating templates:


When creating a template with multiple assignments, or even just one assignment; those assignment work orders are by necessity, very generic and the work order title cannot include information from the parent because there is no way to include that when you create a template.


It would be extremely useful to be able to create assignments that include select information from the parent ticket that are dynamic.


For example, I have an HR ticket that triggers a template and a change management, which results in assignments that cover all aspects of the employee separation process. Summary:  Employee separation: June Smith




Summary:  [:parent_summary] AD account Processing

Summary:  [:parent_summary] Phone, workstation and mailbox processing

Summary:  [:parent_summary] Alarm Access Code processing

Summary:  [:parent_summary] Software security access processing


Since different people handle these tasks, assignments make the process simpler, but the lack of information flowing from the parent to the assignments forces all of the assignment tickets to be generic and less useful.


What I propose:  Allow the use of a tag that pulls data from a specific field within the parent work order. adding a delimiter to that tag would allow us to use only the most useful portion of that data.  in the example above I use the tag [parent_summary] as the tag and the ":" character as the delimiter. placing the : in front pulls all information from the summary that occurs after the ":" within the summary text.  Placing it behind [parent_summary:] would have the opposite effect. This way, whether you place the portion of information that is most useful before or after the defined delimiting character  (in this case I used ":")

The same should be true of:


Asset: (I don't need the asset to flow through for software security access processing, because it's happening to a software, not a workstation, so that piece of information is not useful within that assignment)


Technician note:  The same information could be useful here when giving directions...



Check with [:parent_summary]'s Manager (or [User_manager_fullname])and follow his/her directions for the following:

What needs to be done with the Desktop

What needs to be done with the desk/other phone/extension

What needs to be done with the email mailbox contents forward/delete/hold


Do not close the parent ticket unless you have confirmed that (6 of 9) approvals have been received.


Of course, if we could also add tags for use in these areas that relate to user information within AD, such as the manager, that would doubly useful, especially if we could place an AD account name in the summary and be able to use that to define the manager's name for use in assignments, define the phone extension being processed etc.  This would be especially useful because many of the requests are requesting processes or services on behalf or for another user.




Normally for an HR ticket, we will change the asset so that it matches the employee being processed, not the requester, so here is another place that pulling the asset data from the user whose account name is found within the summary would be quite effective.


So, pieces of information I would find useful off the top of my head would be:


User (found within summary) call back number  -I would place this in an assignment for processing that phone number

User (found within summary) asset

User's manager's name (we currently import this from Active Directory into a user defined field)

User (found within summary) full name



I'm sure there are more that would be universally desirable...


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